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About Kym Balthazar Fetsko


Kym Balthazar Fetsko is a contemporary oil and cold wax abstract painter who lives and works in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. A University of the Arts graduate, she was an award-winning illustrator for two decades before transitioning to painting.


Kym's creative focus is the intuitive process of painting and how to depict the inspiration she gains from emotion and music. Her oil and cold wax paintings are brought to life by building and excavating grungy, textural layers until the history of each painting’s journey is revealed and the final layer of wax is applied.


Her recent paintings have been selected for numerous juried exhibitions including Art of the State - Pennsylvania, The SDMAAG Spring 2022 Exhibition, and the Rice Gallery of Fine Art Juried Exhibition. She has also shown her artwork locally in the Poconos and Scranton, PA. Kym’s art is found in many private collections throughout North America.


AFA - Scranton Member


Art e'Fekts Gallery, Pittston, PA

Morgan Gallery, Blakeslee, PA


Kym graduated from the University of the Arts in 1995 with a BFA in Illustration, where she won the Harriet Pauline Hughes Award for pen & ink illustration and received honorable mention in the William H. Ely Excellence in Illustration competition.

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