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In-Person Courses

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10/04/22 - The Abington Journal - Kym Balthazar Fetsko and her art to be featured at The Gathering Place

03/20/22 - Pittston Sunday Dispatch - Oil and Wax Abstract Painting Class continues at Art e Fekts Gallery


I had never taken a painting class before, and I was hoping that this class would be fun, educational, and relaxing. I didn't have any painting tools or supplies of my own, so I was really relieved to find that Kym brought new materials to each class. She was prepared, organized, and pleasant to chat with while we all worked on our own paintings during each class. I was surprised and delighted when she introduced collage during one of our classes. It was a totally unexpected approach, and my classmates and I loved having yet another way to add depth and pattern to our projects. I created two paintings that are lovely to look at, and were a joy to create. Such a wonderful experience!

      - Christine A.

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